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Gum Disease and Bleeding Gums

What is "Gum Disease" and "Why are Bleeding Gums Important" Explains Dentist in Sutton, Surrey

Friday 30th March 2019

I would like to start a discussion with you about gum disease, and the importance of catching it early! If Gum disease is left untreated it can lead to Periodontal Disease! In this blog I will only go over the basics of gum disease, and any feedback is always welcome.

Disease is much more common than what most people think! There is over 75% chance that someone over the age of 35 years has at some point of their life suffered from gum disease!

But to make matters worse, it can be left undiagnosed. Only when it starts to cause a problem, people will take notice. I want to increase the awareness of gum disease. Through me, it will benefit your own oral health, and then you can pass this information on to your loved ones to benefit them.

People always ask me what causes gum disease. Today I am going to chat a little about plaque and tartar.

Problem Plaque!!!

Is a soft and colourless bacterial deposit that sticks to your teeth. This deposit will start to form within 30 minutes after cleaning your teeth. This is a natural process and is always occurring in our mouths right now! If this dental plaque is not removed daily with careful brushing, it will build up and damage our teeth and gums. We can remove this plaque by brushing and hence it is recommended to brush your mouth at least two/three times a day. That will disrupt the formation of plaque and keep our teeth and mouth clean.

Terrible Tartar!!

Forms when minerals from our saliva combine with dental plaque and make it very hard. Plaque will harden into tarter within 2 weeks if it is not removed. The bacteria in the tartar continue to attack tissue structures that support the root of your tooth. Once tartar has formed, it can only be removed by the hygienist or dentist.

If your dentist notices any area of tartar build-up at your next examination, ask him where is it and if there is anything you can do to stop it from forming again. Tartar then can lead to the start of gum disease through GINGIVITIS.

Best wishes

Dr Asim Zaidi

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