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Cosmetic Dentist in Sutton -Zoom Laser Teeth Whitening

Dr Zaidi has tested every tooth whitening product available on the market, to ensure only the best tooth whitening systems are used for his patients. Here at Sutton Dental Centre and Medical Aesthetics, we use a combination of Zoom Laser Whitening and Day/Night Whitening Top up kits to produce a fantastic result!

What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth Whitening involves placing a whitening gel on your teeth to remove any discoloration and staining which has built up over the years. This process will then allow your teeth to become whiter in color, which also has the advantage of making them look younger and healthier.

Who can carry out Teeth Whitening?

Teeth Whitening should only be carried out by a dentist. Other regulated dental professional such as a dental hygienist or dental therapist can carry out Teeth Whitening, under the prescription of a dentist.

Any beauty clinics offering Teeth Whitening is illegal if there is no dental professional present, and you can be putting your dental health at risk!

What happens during Teeth Whitening at the dentist?

The Zoom Laser Teeth Whitening process takes about an hour. The dentist will first isolate your teeth from the rest of the mouth and applies a unique design Teeth Whitening gel into your teeth. This gel is very safe and specially formulated to give the best possible Teeth Whitening result with the minimum effects of any teeth sensitivity. The gel is applied for 15 minutes and activated a Power Lamp, during this process the whitening gel removes any discoloration and stains present. After the 15 minutes have been completed, the gel is removed and the teeth are rinsed thoroughly. This process is then repeated 3/4 times to achieve the final dramatic result which is aesthetically pleasing for the patient. Dr Zaidi has carried out numerous Zoom Laser Power Teeth Whitening procedures delivering dramatic results time and time again!

Is Teeth Whitening permanent?

No, teeth whitening is not permanent. It can last up to three years, but this varies from person to person. Generally, the whitening effect won't last as long if you smoke, drink tea, coffee and red wine, which can all stain your teeth.

At Sutton Dental Centre and Medical Aesthetics, we try and do a little extra for our patients! We will give all our Zoom Laser Whitening patients a bespoke top up kit which they can use to maintain the final result indefinitely and keep them smiling longer!

Teeth Whitening Results

Teeth Whitening Results!